L.E.A.D. Educational Institute is a new age English School which has developed 4R Methodology to teach English to non-english speakers in a non-english speaking environment in the fastest and the most economical manner.
Located in the city-centre, L.E.A.D. Educational Institute, Siena, Italy focuses on teaching English by drawing out the similarities and differences between Italian and English and creating an environment which is conducive for learning English. Moreover, L.E.A.D. is also creating a platform where individuals wanting to learn English can improve their English for FREE!

Corporate English courses
Learn corporate English fundamentals and improve upon your vocabulary and speaking skills to be comfortable in an English speaking corporate environment
General English course

This course requires less amount of time and provides great value to make you absorb English language skills effortlessly

Interview preparation course

Suit up and get yourself prepared better than ever before for the dreadful interviews!


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