General English course


This course requires less amount of time and provides great value to make you absorb English language skills effortlessly

LEAD’s General English course is designed to help you learn English without taking too much time out from your schedule. It helps you to get English fluency at a normal speed that you will feel comfortable with.

The course focuses on the main aspects of the language: Reading, writing, listening speaking. To help build your language in a robust manner you will also learn Grammar, vocabulary, formal and informal usage of language through mock interviews, group discussions and other strategies.

 L.E.A.D levels  CEFR levels Hours  Classes / weeks  Duration / Class (h)
Beginner A1* 45 2 1.5
Elementary- I A2 45 2 1.5
Elementary- II A2+ 45 2 1.5
Intermediate- I B1 45 2 1.5
Intermediate- II B1+ 45 2 1.5
Upper Intermediate- I B2 45 2 1.5
Upper Intermediate- II B2+ 45 2 1.5
Advanced C1 60 2 2
Proficiency C2 60 2 2

* There will be a pre-course before A1 for students who will be learning the language for the first time

Frequently asked questions:

Q : What are the Start dates?
A : Depends on the level

Q : What is the course length?
A : Each level will take an approximate 15 weeks

Q : Who is it best suited for?
A : Beginner to proficiency

Q : What are the class sizes?
A : Between 3- 6 students

Q : Are there any age limit?
A : The minimum age is 14 years

Q : What is the Venue?
A : At L.E.A.D. Educational Institute at Piazza Indipendenza*

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For any further queries please contact us