Address :

Via delle Terme n. 4
53100 Siena

Piazza Indipendenza.

Piazza Indipendenza, built in the 19th century, lies in the hearth of Siena and it is characterized by a three-arches loggia designed by Archimedes Vestri (1887). Behind, there is the medieval palace Ballati charcaterized by a rectangular stone tower. In the square,there is also one of the main entertainment of the city : Teatro dei Rozzi, built by Alexander Duties in 1816. In 1879, a Statue by Tito Sarrocchi in memory of those “Fallen for Freedom” was placed in front of the lodge. However it was subsequently shifted to San Prospero public neighborhood gardens. Originally, in the space which now is Piazza Independence, there was San Pellegrino’s church which was then demolished in the late eighteenth century