Special courses for SMEs and Big Companies


English speaking courses tailored for Small and Medium Enterprise as well as big companies.

From restaurants to hotels,from banks to pharmaceutical companies;there is an interaction between the employee and the customer. Many a times to ensure a smooth communication it is important for the employee to be able to speak English. In a globalized world, speaking English is essential and also beneficial for the growth of businesses.

For this purpose, we understand the requirement of the SME’s/ Companies and then develop a short but effective course plan specifically to their requirements.

Frequently asked questions:

Q : What are the Start dates?
A : Depends on the batch

Q : What is the course length?
A : 1-3 weeks depending on the course requirement

Q : Who is it best suited for?
A : Beginner to proficiency

Q : What are the class sizes?
A : Between 3- 6 students

Q : Are there any minimum age limit?
A : No age limit

Q : What is the Venue?
A : At L.E.A.D. Educational Institute at Piazza Indipendenza*

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For any further queries please contact us